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What’s newcastle?

Let us introduce Newcastle branding.  My home town city,Shinshiro city has a lot of sister city as hte same meening of New castle.  Shinshiro means New Castle city and it has famous of its inportant histry.

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Our Newcastle alliance had been established twenty one years ago. We hope more busuness exchange each other.  Shinshiro,Japanese Newcastke has created New brand to promote its orijinal products, culture technology,history amd so on,all the resources in its local area.

We are developing this Newcastle brand using the business scheme of national fund.Our Newcastle brand including the symbol of meaning history, a castle, nature a cherry blossom,  people Japanese Samurai or Ninja. These are so popular and maybe attractive in all over the world.  We now start Newcastle brand marketing.


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The CEO of our company has visited five Newcastle cities,  sister cities to promote business exchange.

My trading company would leike to be a hub station of Newcastle market all over the world. Our neve summit of Newcastle alliance will be held in Swiss next April.   Our CEO had an official meeting at Yohannnesburg with Newcastle Kuwazul Natal.And  we promise to strenghten Girl Power all over the wourld.



This page might be one of the most useful business matching site.We will introduce all the products all the service of each Newcastles.    Esepcially at first provide all the audiance or users of this page about business matching network.
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Newacastle Market

We will show you our Japanese Newcastle, Shinshiro brand products here.  We will visit all the sister cities Newcastle. We will make so call world Newcastles Market here.  All the people will be able to get information or produsct in this page from all the Newcastle cities.

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